Love Palmistry: What Your Hands Reveal About Your Love Life

Love Palmistry: What Your Hands Reveal About Your Love Life

Your hands can actually tell you a great many things about your love life. Of course, reading a person’s hands won’t just provide you with information about that individual’s love life; you can also read into other areas of a person’s life by reading his palm. Palm reading a way to analyze and understand a person who you’re not very familiar with. The reading of palms is a practice that’s nearly as old as time, and it is both interesting and fun. Here is what your hands can reveal about your love life.

The Air Shape Of the Hand

In love palmistry, having a so-called air shape of the hand can tell you a good amount about your love life. The air shape is one with clear thin lines, long fingers, and a square palm. Both sociable and intellectual people possess these hands. Being mental people, they are in constant requirement of intellectual stimulation and change. They’re also quite restless as people. In terms of finding a lover, these folks love to search for mental rapport above anything else.

The Earth Shape Of the Hand

People who possess the earth shape will have a hand that has straight, clear and deep lines, thick or strong skin, shorter fingers and a square palm. In other words, these are the hands that belong to folks who have a down-to-earth attitude, a strong vitality, and are practical. Quite frequently, they will possess a powerful connection to both the outdoors and nature. As lovers, these folks are normally very reliable and honest, making them easier to read.

The Fire Shape Of the Hand

People who have a fire shape of hand tend to have warm and fine skin. They also will have shorter fingers, longer palms and many prominent and plentiful lines on their hands. In palmistry, these are known as the types of hands that belong to those who like to take risks and action. In the context of relationships, these people have a strong sense of confidence and are highly positive. As a result, they enjoy taking the lead in the relationship.

The Water Shape Of the Hand

If you are said to have a water shape of the hand, then you’re likely to have hands that are defined by longer fingers, longer palms, damp and soft skin, and finer lines on the hands that may not always be readily apparent. These are the hands that belong to people who have a reputation for being creative and highly emotional. In terms of their love life, these folks are sensitive, slightly naive, vulnerable, and preoccupied both with caring for others and being cared for.

Love palmistry can reveal a multitude of qualities about people’s love lives. If you know what shape your hand is, you can learn so many things about your love life just by having your hand read. You can gain insight not just about the type of lover you are, but also about what kind of person your partner is.

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