Are Psychic Readings Just A Scam? Find Out Where To Get 100% Legitimate Psychic Readings!

meganFinding a REAL psychic reader that is honest and trustworthy is not an easy task.  If you’ve done any research online, you’ve likely come across dozens of different companies claiming to have authentic psychic readers that can predict the future.  Unfortunately, many of these companies have fake psychics that have no real ability at all!

Trust me, I’ve tried over 10 different psychic networks over the years and I’ve discovered which companies are just scams, and which companies actually have genuine psychics that offer real advice.

Despite what anyone tells you, psychic ability is something that can’t be learned.  You’re either born with it, or you’re not.  Any true psychic will tell you the exact same thing.  The sad truth is that many of the psychic networks online will allow almost anyone to sign up to be a “psychic advisor” and make money by offering readings by phone.  That’s why you need to take my advice, and ONLY use the companies that I recommend below.

Before I reveal to you the best psychic companies, I want to share with you some of the common scams that I have encountered over the years.

Common Online Psychic Scams You Should Avoid!

  • Cold Readings –  If the psychic is asking you a lot of questions without giving many answers yet, they’re likely just trying to pick up on small details they can use to “guess” your future.  This is called a cold reading.  Avoid!
  • Avoid Curses  – There’s not such thing as curses!  If a psychic advisor asks for extra money to remove a family curse, then run in the opposite direction!
  • Beware of “free psychic readings”.  Many companies try to get their foot in the door by offering users a free reading.  What most people don’t realize is that the psychics usually give generic information during free 5 or 10 minute the free session, so you have to pay a high price per minute to get the real answers you’re seeking.

Recommended Psychic Networks For 2014

I’ve tried over 10 different psychics over the years, and the only two companies that I would recommend to friends or family is Asknow and PsychicSource.  The reason why these two companies are simply the best is because they have been around for many years now, and have the toughest screening process for psychics they allow into their network.  They reject almost 99% of the psychics that apply to work for them, which means they only allow the “best of the best” psychics to work for their company.

I’ve used both of these companies on numerous occasions, and I’ve never been disappointed with any of my readings.  Here’s a review on each of these two psychic networks.

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